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Holes filled

Holes filled

All the windows on the west side of the house are in, like these in the guest bedroom and study



Although I have noticed that perhaps the window frames are not quite the right size for some of the windows because we have some shims.  (If you don't remember, Peter is very against shims and was extremely upset when they had to put ONE shim in ONE of the floor joists for the main floor.   The shim that we ended up with is actually a set of hangers and extra cross beams between the floor joists.  This is no ordinary shim!)   Anyway, getting back to the windows.....we do see some shimming going on.....

Even if we do have some shimming going on in the interior, they are not messing around with the waterproofing on the exterior.  Prior to placing the windows in the frame, the frame was painted with green waterproof adhesive and then TWO diffferent types of paper were used to wrap the windows frames.  Now that the windows are in, we also have sealant spread around the window for additional assurance against leaking!

Above you can see the Tyvek paper and the Straight Flash which was applied before the window installation.  And below is a close up of the sealant applied after installation.  This sealant also seals up around all the nails which were used to attach the windows to the house.


However, not all the windows have been installed yet.  For instance, the window above the front door

and the big window in the master bedroom. 

Although this is not the final configuration for this window, it does give a feeling of what the room will be like when we draw the curtains!

The temporary windows, aka plastic sheeting, that is covering the front window and the master bedroom window have been put in place to avoid any water penetration during the rains we are experiencing.  As you saw yesterday, the whole roof is covered in plastic.  Unfortunately, that didn't keep all the water out so in an extra effort to keep our plywood floor base dry, the living room has been carpeted....

Actually, the living room and back deck are both carpeted......with plastic sheeting.