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Photographs from Parma Park.....

Hiking in Parma Park gives a beautiful view of our new house. 

But first, from the top of the park, there is a stunning ocean view with the islands in the distance.

Then there are the views of the house from the park.  An overview of the house and surrounding area.  You can see our neighbors directly across the street have completed their house as well as the neighbor on our left (in the photograph).  Also there are still three houses presently being built on our street.

A closer view of our house with the awesome inverted red roof!

An artistic shot of the house looking through a burnt bush.

and a little closer

more artistic......

As I finished my hike, I noticed that there is a slight discrepancy in the house styles on a road near our house.  On this road there are four or five houses that did not burn in the fire because their owners actually stayed and fought the fire themselves (crazy I think).  Here is a photograph of two of those houses.

Directly next to these houses are two new houses that are rebuilds since the fire.  Here is a photograph of those two houses.

Now one of the major restrictions during the permitting process is that the house you are going to build has to be of "like kind" for the neighborhood that you are building in.  I have to say I am not going to complain that these people were allowed to build nicer houses, but I will point out that I don't think that the city maintained it regulations in this particular instance....... yet another inconsistency in the city permitting process.....