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We decided to go with Iroko flooring instead of the bamboo floor.  Although we really like the idea of the bamboo floor and its green properties, the bamboo floors I have seen have not really held up as well as advertised.  So our floor is Iroko which is a relative of teak.  The contractor brought in a sample box of the flooring to make sure that we really want it (before he orders enough to cover all 2600 square feet of floor in our new house).  He assembled the pieces in the study and here is what it looks like laying on the plywood that is our floor now.

A little bit closer

And even closer - you can see it is already dusty!

We have also met with the contractor to finalize the kitchen cabinets.  To give us a better idea of the scale of the cabinets, Jeff has set up some mock cabinets

I realize that doesn't look like much but it was enough to finalize the shape of the upper corner cabinet and to figure out if we could add another cabinet at the end (not shown here).

And here is Peter washing up at the "kitchen sink" in front of the bay window

We have now finalized the floor, the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island, the kitchen appliances, and the study built-ins.  This means the contractor will be ordering all these things in the next few weeks!