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Evening edition

The initial installation of the oven stack is done.  There is a little adjustment still needed to fit these perfectly.  At the top is the speed oven which is a combination microwave and convection oven.  Below that is the steam oven and at the bottom is the warming drawer.

A close up of the steam oven.  I think this is the cooking appliance that will get the most use.

The induction hob was in before but now it is actually plugged in!  Also, the extractor and the conventional oven have been installed and powered up.

In the island of the kitchen, we have a wine refrigerator and two refrigerated drawers (that don't have their wood fronts on yet).  We will have plenty of space for cooling our beverages!

The dishwasher is also in here next to the sink.  We are still awaiting the wood front for this too; I need to pick out handles before they can be installed.  Interestingly, the dishwasher does not work and the reason it does not work is that the power for the dishwasher and the garbage disposal are mounted on the same outlet and there is not enough space to plug in both of these appliances at the same time!

The refrigerator (shown here) and freezer are going to have to wait for tomorrow for installation.

In the meantime, the guest bathroom is completely finished (with the exception of sealing the window and a bit of grouting).