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Pond update

In preparation for creating a pond with invisible plumbing and electric, Peter installed pipes and conduit in the form for the pond.   This plumbing will then be buried in the concrete of the pond and can be made "invisible" to those enjoying the pond and its inhabitants!

All the plumbing is brought in to the pond from the northwest corner of the form.  It comes in through the 2X12 on the right of the photograph below

and runs along the north wall of the pond within the form.

One of the water supply lines and the electrical conduit runs down the wall of the pond near the northwest corner and out into the pond via the concrete step in this corner.  The water supply runs straight out of the step while the electrical conduit takes a left hand turn and come out the other side of the step.

Another view of these two pipes

A view from the south end of the pond shows both of the water supply lines, one in the northwest step and one in the northeast step.  Also, this view shows the concrete blocks in the bottom of the pond that are supporting the rebar cage at the proper height.

A close-up view of the water supply line in the northeast step.  Peter further reinforced the corner steps with more rebar.

A view of the pond form from the north displays the water drain line.  Peter carefully engineered this one so that if there should ever be a leak in the pond or the pump should malfunction, the water cannot be drained completely from the pond.  He has thought of everything!!!

A close-up view of the drain line shows that it is not drawing water from the bottom of the pond, but instead from about 6-8" from the bottom.  This way, as I noted before, the pond will never be able to drain completely and the fish will never be left without water!

The final addition for last weekend was a little more rebar.  Peter was afraid he had been outdone in the rebar area by the guys who laid the foundation so he added a little more.....  Actually, we learned last week that the rebar should run up to approximately 2" from the top of the concrete so we had to add a little height to the rebar.

The only thing we have left to put in the form is a frog hole and we will be ready for the pour!