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Roof joists and plumbing today

Peter has been kind enough to send me some photographs he took at the house today because I couldn't be there.  So I have to remote blog today.

First off, here are a few more views of the living room which definitely emphasize the scale of this dramatic room.  The photographs were taken from the deck off the hobby room on the lower level.  The first photo includes the lower half of the wall of windows through which we see the landing for the second floor and the roof joists above the living room.

The second view is from the other side of the hobby room looking through the wall of windows to the master bedroom (which now also has joists above it - more photos later.)

Coming up from the lower level to the main level, another view of the living room with the dining room beyond and the master bedroom above

And then from the upstairs, specifically the deck off the master bedroom, a view of the living room which will be possible for, hopefully, only a short time more (we are viewing the living room through what will be a wall.

Finally, the dramatic plunging view of the living room from the upstairs landing just outside the master suite.   Fortunately, this view will remain.

Slightly less breathtaking, but equally important, the roof joists are up over the master bedroom

On a completely different note, the plumber has continued to plumb in the waste pipes on many levels.  We have the waste pipes in for the dual sinks in the master bathroom,

the waste for the laundry

and some of the waste pipes underneath the house.

Although these pipes may not look spectacular and may not be as stunning as some of the views of the living room, I am very grateful that they are there....