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More concrete.....

Today, we had another concrete pouring day to create more stem walls.  This time, we had a new Number 1 guy, but the concrete heirarchy still prevailed.

Here they are pouring the stem walls that will support the front entryway.

And here they are pouring the stem walls around the spiral staircase

It seemed to be a dirty job today with the guys getting lots of concrete on themselves as they poured.  It couldn't possibly be because of the difficulty of the design and the balancing act they have to do to get the concrete in the stem walls, now could it?

The structural steel was involved today as well as many of the steel column bases were encased in concrete with this pour.  Here the base of one column sits in a form awaiting concrete.

By the end of the day, about half of the existing steel columns were anchored in concrete.  There is no moving these guys now!

One of the structural columns is integrated right into the stem wall.  You could say this column gets to have a little extra support!

At the end of the day, we have many new stem walls curing inside their forms.

But that is not all.  While the concrete guys work their magic, another set of guys have set the rebar for the floor of the mechanical room in preparation for the next concrete pour day.

Our contractor is always multitasking!  Excellent!