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Chapter 2

The top half of the amazing sweeping staircase required eight strong backs to get it out of the truck.  And it was on a dolly - this is how heavy this thing is!!

As the liftgate is lowered, they had to be very careful not to let the dolly roll downhill (toward the house) so that the stairs would not hit the fencing.  It still had eight guys supporting it as it was lowered down to the ground.

Once on the ground, the top half of the stairs were rolled on the dolly across the front of the garage to the main front stairs.  The only way we can possibly get the stairs in the house is through the front door, and frankly, I am not sure it will fit....

The stairs continue across the front of the garage to the front stairs getting a hand from Peter who makes #9 on the number of guys handling this piece.

A view of the efforts of moving the first half of the staircase down the front stairs toward the front door.  This photograph was taken from the front door looking out toward the street.

Here they paused with the stairs to consider exactly how to bring the top half of the sweeping staircase down the front stairs.  In the end, they put a piece of scaffolding board down the steps and slid the staircase down it.

The staircase slid down the steps very quickly and before I knew it, they were at the front door.

and then through the front door and into the middle of the living room....

To give you an idea of how big this piece is, here is Peter standing next to it in the living room.

Now that the top half of the stairs is in the house, they have to go back to the truck and get the bottom half.....