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Dry set

That is, the glass pieces that make up part of the railing for the amazing sweeping staircase have been placed position...

Before the glass pieces were put up, the contractor made sure to move the washer and dryer up the stairs because he wasn't sure they would be able to get it upstairs with the glass in place (they have already removed the temporary stairs).  This got me to thinking about our two large dressers that we want upstairs and I made a comment to the contractor.  He told me if I could get the dressers to the house this morning, they would carry them upstairs for me.   I rushed down to our storage location (which also happens to be where Peter works) with my giant truck, made a few of the guys who work with Peter load the dressers, and drove back to the house where the contractors carried them up the stairs.

Therefore, there are two pieces of furniture in the house now!  One dresser in the master bedroom...

and one in the study.

We still have a few more pieces of glass to go.....and many more pieces of furniture.