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I'm back

Well I found out what the strange extra blocks are for. Nelle had them put in at various locations so that we could hang pictures and mirrors etc. without worrying about hanging on drywall. Clever eh? Anyway, today was another clean up day, so not much to show. We do however have a few new trenches opened up at the site of the house. They look remarkably like graves and that goes another step towards confirming that the original house was build on either an Indian burial ground or a Hell mouth. In actual fact these are the forms for the vents that will ensure the underside of the house doesn't suffer from damp and end up with arthritis.


Internally we have more sheer support in the study/yoga room and there is the first cable run for the radiant heating system.


On a final note, Shimmy has been busy and has sealed up the facia around the roof of the house. Bang goes my idea of pre-wiring the roof for future satellite.