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The tilers carry on placing tile in the bathrooms of the house.   The guest bathroom pony wall tile job is now complete

We await the piece of glass that will sit on top of the pony wall and then the tile work for the guest bathroom can be finished.

In the master shower, the bali pebbles are in and they are fantastic!

Every time we get in the shower, we can have a mini foot massage!  (As demonstrated by Peter)

The finish carpenters have been diligently mounting the base for the granite work surfaces of the study and kitchen (respectively).

In the mechanical room, we now own a bright shiny new furnace - this one will heat the water that will be driven through the radiant flooring to heat the entire house!

There is a significant amount of plumbing that goes with this unit!

While we were admiring our new furnace, we also noticed that the stairs which run from the garage to the pantry/fish room have been completely reframed.  The heights of the risers of this set of stairs were not quite right; they didn't allow for the height of the tiles which will create the final stair surface.  Whoops! 

That is the exciting news in the mechanical room.....Now out back, they have started to cut holes in the deck in preparation for the railings

Someone has (or had) a nice hole saw.  My money is on Art.

And no blog entry would be complete without mentioning the amazing sweeping staircase.  Today, the guys got to set the stairs on bottle jacks and braces in preparation for lifting the staircase tomorrow. 

If you look very closely at the bottle jack in the background of the last photograph, you can see that these bottle jacks are rated to lift 12 1/2 tons each.  This is not a light weight staircase so yes, it was necessary to have 15 guys lift it last week, Clive......