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The evening edition

When I say repairs, I really mean fixes. 

For example, as the shoe moulding (or facia as the finish carpenter calls it) for the banisters gets installed, the drywall immediately adjacent to the facia has had to be ripped out in order to fit the facia.  And now that drywall has been replaced, fixed, repaired, whatever you want to call it.

The banister facia for the north side of the upstairs catwalk has been put in and the drywall has been replaced.  Now all we need is some more glazing and painting again...

More facia and more ripped out and replaced drywall...

From downstairs, we can see just how much drywall had to be removed and replaced.

The stairs, it ends up, are not really free standing: another small piece of information that seems to have been missed out by the stair company.  As we see now, they have had to bolted to the wall about half way up the stairway.  I am not quite sure why these stairs have to have this extra support as we have seen many photographs of the same stairs installed in the middle of a room with no extra support.  Nonetheless, the holes for the bolts will also have to be patched and repaired too.  Another disappointment with the stairs.

When the stairs were originally dropped into their approximate location, the drywall suffered a few rather large dings.   Two of them were in the rotunda wall, but the first step of patching these dings has been completed now.

The sconces above the stairs which were not quite aligned this morning now all fall on the same diagonal and are evenly spaced.

Some of the sconce electrics had to be moved more than others.....

Here is the one photograph of all five sconce positions I have and it also has a bonus - Peter surveying the stairs.

We also forgot to mention that the riser heights of the stairs which go down from the living room to the reading room were also incorrect.  So like the stairs to the garage, these stairs have also been reframed.  This does make it complete though - all three staircases in the house have had to be reframed in some manner of speaking!

Our contractor also noticed that the ceiling in the dining room slopes downward as it goes toward the outer corner.  The edge of the ceiling was about a half inch lower than the middle of the ceiling.  So the drywallers have cut out the drywall in the corner and repaired this as well.

The guest bathroom is coming together nicely now though.  The changes in the plumbing and electrical in this room have paid off!

The outside repairs for the day consist of the main water supply from the city.  The city did come out and fix the broken pipe.

Now all we have to do is fight with the city to get this water line actually moved to where it was supposed to be moved before.

On a positive note, our house is supporting new life in the bird world.  Our second set of hatchlings are now growing in their nest in the overhang over the master bedroom patio.  If you look very closely, about in the mid line of the photograph, you can see the beak of one of the four babies in the nest.

They should fly soon - hopefully out to the trees and not into the master bedroom...