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Green, green, and green.

The mold prevention continues with the application of Copper Green to more rooms of the house.  This house will not have MOLD!!!  Because to us, mold is THE four letter word.

Look at the beautiful green...

Even our amazing sweeping staircase rotunda is now green (it is a good thing Peter likes green so much...)

The drywall delivery also continued yesterday as I mentioned.  So now we have drywall in our (green) master bathroom. This drywall is, of course, greenboard (HAHA!  but that is what it is actually called) which has a different facing paper and bonding agent to help resist moisture.  The contractor will use this throughout the bathroom because he is a good contractor!

We also have more piles of drywall in the kitchen/dining room area.

And now the living room has its own stash of drywall.

And how they were able to get these drywall sheets to the lower floor and into the hobby room I cannot say (as I was not there to see it).

We have now settled on our appliances and plumbing fixtures as well and with these decisions made the plumber can come back to install the mounts for these fixtures.  Leaky has already returned to plumb in the guest bathroom shower.

Now all our guests will have a place to clean up after they have helped us tile the back deck or landscaped the rest of the property......