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No news today

Well we had the meeting and whilst it wasn't as exciting as we thought it was going to be, we did resolve some of the issues with the insulation and configuration of the shower. Of course none of this makes for an interesting photo so there are no pictures today, just waffle. The framers are hard at it, finishing the roof, but again it looks much as the last pictures did so we have chosen not to post any. On a brighter note we did learn that the windows will be installed during the second week of September, the week I will be travelling in Europe. Again I will miss the exciting phase. I missed most of the framing whilst travelling in Asia and will rely on Nelle's posts to keep me informed.

I would also like to thank Jed, our project manager,  for letting his dog take a crap on the neighbours lot, I guess he shouldn't be building something that looks like a dog house.