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And here is the house with all the new furniture placed in it!

To kick off the tour of the furniture filled house, I show the signature photograph of the house - the view from the kitchen of the living room area and the amazing sweeping staircase.   In this photograph, we look over the glass bar top of the kitchen to see the living room furniture and Treacle, our new tree, who is nestled into the amazing sweeping staircase.

A closer view of the living room.  The arm chairs are actually a shade of green not unlike the great green wall and the couch is charcoal.  On the couch table, Buddha sits waiting to greet our guests at the front door.

Another view of the living room, from the back deck, shows the couch and how the living room is arranged with respect to the front door.  Here we also get a slightly better view of Treacle.

From the middle of the stairs, looking down into the living room, we see the two arm chairs in their angled orientation (remember the interior designer originally wanted them perpendicular to the couch but that interfered with the speaker set up so she had to come up with a new design...).  The wall of windows is behind the arm chairs.

Heading downstairs, we come to what has become my favorite room, although the photographs do not do it justice, the reading room.  At the bottom of the stairs, the view is of the couch, complete with chaise, and cube coffee tables (although they are shadowed by the bright light coming through the windows).

A better lit view of the couch and coffee table plus a side table and bookcase and one of the Chinese art pieces Peter found.

On the other side of my favorite room, we have the red arm chair with its own side table and bookcase and another of Peter's Chinese art finds.  Notice the area rug.  I think this is why this is my favorite room.  The area rug is round and is a dark grey shag.  It is super soft and I love running my toes through it.  The interior designer chose the round area rug to continue the curvature of the staircase.....

Next is Peter's favorite room, the media room.  Here we have the big, luxurious, hang out, lounge in couch for watching movies.  The red and black ottoman turns the couch into a big bed so we can get even more comfortable!  We do have some extra seating at the back in case we have guests also.

Another room that is now complete is the guest bedroom.  The guest bedroom has just about enough room for a bed...

but the view from this room is very nice!

The dining room is also complete now.  The wood furniture is from the same company that made the furniture in our old house, but the pendant lights and chandelier are due to design help from the interior designer.

The dining room also has a side board.

The kitchen is rapidly filling up with stuff (crap).  Unfortunately, we didn't plan big enough cabinets to house many of our new appliances so they are finding their home on the counter....

I know there are a few rooms missing like the study and the master bedroom.  The interior designer was not given much to do in those rooms, except the carpet for the master bedroom, but that is not the real reason photographs are missing of those rooms.  The real reason is that those rooms are as of yet too messy to show to anyone!