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I am not going to dig it out again...

When the concrete guys arrived, the first thing they did was to survey the existing forms

and decide that there was not enough support for the forms.  So they added more wood

There was even a guy in the pond adding support.....

Once they convinced themselves the forms were not going to fail with the weight of the concrete, the hose was brought in

and the concrete started flowing

Another view of the concrete pour and the extra form support

As the concrete flows, we once again see the concrete pour heirarchy (Number 1: Hose Man, Number 2: Hose Supporter, Number 3: Vibrator Man, Number 4: Vibrator power supply holder, Number 5: Electric Cord Holder (this one is different than the original heirarchy), and Number 6: Guy standing around)

Obviously, they don't all have to work at the same time.....

A close up of the vibrator working

The concrete was poured in the walls of the pond first and as the vibrator vibrates all the bubbles out of the concrete, the concrete leaks out the bottom of the wall onto the floor of the pond.

The walls were poured in two stages.  The first pass filled the walls about half way to the top.

Once that concrete was vibrated, Number 1 (and 2) came around again to finish filling the walls.

Once the walls were filled with concrete, one unlucky soul was sent into the pond to guide the concrete into the bottom of the form.

He was stuck in there for quite a while....

Once the bottom of the pond has enough concrete in it, it is the job of these two guys to flatten the bottom and remove any excess concrete.  Their job is made all the more easy with all the extra form support that they now have to crawl in between to finish the floor.

So the concrete for the pond is in.  We had no form failure and we do not have to worry about rain anymore!!