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Part 2

Peter has been installing all the in-ceiling speakers all over the house including the back decks.  Now, the study has speakers

the master bedroom has speakers

and even the master bathroom has its own speakers

and all the speakers have been tested with my 20 year old stereo system!

The speakers all work well.  Although, I will wait on judgment of the sound quality as we only had this old stereo and the only CD we had available to use for testing was the Wayne's World soundtrack (it happened to still be in the player - no it has not been in there for 20 years, maybe 5)

This past weekend, Sean, another finish carpenter, came in and created built-in shelving for our hall closet.  They are very nice - made out of cherry of course.


All the joins are perfect and he added a little groove in the top piece to give it a little extra.

Our ironing center has been installed in the laundry room.  Unfortunately, it had to be behind the door so the door of the laundry room has to be closed in order to iron anything.  Also, the ironing board is almost exactly the same length as the laundry room is wide so that will make ironing a challenging task.  Most of you know me though so you will realize that this will not be a problem for me as I do not iron anything........

We decided to change the floor in the media room from carpet to wood floor.  The main motivation for this change is the speakers or more precisely, the spikes in the speaker stands.  We didn't want the spikes of the speaker stands to go through the carpet and puncture the radiant floor heating tubing (especially since water runs through those tubes and you know how we hate water....)  So we changed the floor to wood.  At this time, it is the only room that still has the wood exposed; all the rest of the house has ramboard over the wood to protect the floor.   So here is a photograph of the floor so you can see how bright and shiny new it is.

Also in the media room, Peter has installed the mount for the projector (at the left of the photograph) and the rest of the light fixtures have been hung.

At the entrance to the media room, we have more light fixtures and a board wedged into the dor frame that is holding up the rest of the house.  Not really.  The board is wedged into the door frame to hold the threshold down while it is being glued to the new floor.

In the server room, Peter is starting to wire up all the networking....

The saga with Verizon finally paid off.  Peter installed the phone jacks

and they actually work so now we have a phone in the server room.

The garage door has also been installed.  Here is a view from inside the garage with the garage door closed.

The garage door opener not only opens and closes the garage door, it also tells us what time it is

and the temperature inside the garage.

Here is a view of the garage door from the front of the house.  Our contractor wants us to lose the diamond shaped inserts of the windows; that is why only two of the windows have them.  We wanted the diamonds because it mimics the art glass we have in the front door.  It was a good idea and we originally thought that the diamonds would be somehow imbedded in the glass so it would look nice.  It ends up they are just plastic inserts that are stuck on the front of the window so they are not quite as classy as we envisioned.

We will decide later.