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Yes, the drywall installation has begun! 

They started upstairs and we now have drywall up in the master bedroom

and in the master closet

(well, not on all the walls)

and we even have purple drywall in the master bathroom, around where the toilet will be

and on the master bathroom wall where the vanity and sinks will be

we even have drywall on the ceiling, and they have cut out the speaker holes for us!

We have drywall on one wall of the study

and on the ceiling in the study

and on the part of the rotunda wall that is shared with the study

They have also started to install drywall around the rotunda for the amazing sweeping staircase!  They have to do two sheets of 1/4 inch though because they cannot bend anything thicker to this radius...

And as soon as they put the foam insulation in the roof of the garage (and the fiberglass insulation in the walls of the garage), the drywall goes up!

Here are the drywall installers at work!

The drywall has been sitting on the floor of our house for so long.  We are thrilled to see it finally going up!  It is very cool to see how the feel of the rooms changes as the drywall is installed.  It is hard to explain, but most of the rooms feel bigger with the drywall hanging than they did with just the shear panel or the insulation up.  Yippee!  I am high on drywall dust!