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More mud!

Staging for stucco began today, that means the equipment has arrived and we have a big pile of sand ready to cover the exterior.

Here is the big pile of sand

and the mixer is sitting in the front yard waiting to mix the sand with the stucco cement and water

As part of the preparation for stucco, the windows have all been covered in plastic and taped up so they won't get covered in stucco

Inside, the mudding continues and as I thought, the willy nilly mudding was not really willy nilly.  The ceiling in the study has been cleaned up.  The divets, pock marks, and uneven mud of yesterday are gone, replaced with a nice smooth finish.

Yes, these are the same two areas that were published on the 26th!  So the drywallers certainly know how to create a nice mud finish!

Last, but not least, just an artistic photograph of the sunlight shining through the living room windows.