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Catching up

Last Saturday, the finish carpenter hung all the doors in the house.  They all look beautiful and, more importantly, swing properly!

Here are the doors on the guest room closet with the guest room door in the background

and the doors to the master bedroom.

The plumber and another finish carpenter have been working on the bathroom finishes.  The plumber put in the shower head for the guest shower.

The shower tower for the master bathroom was installed a while ago but it is amazing so I am showing it again now.

The slipper tub has also been moved into the master bathroom

and the plumber has installed the bathtub faucets.

The vanity is in with the sinks and faucets and the finish carpenter, Jose, is now installing the mirrors

Back on the granite countertops...... We now have our "waterfall" piece at the end of the kitchen cabinets.   This is a piece Peter wanted added after seeing one on HGTV (the ultimate source for home improvement and the bane of our contractor's existence!).

The granite tops have also been installed in the laundry and the study

The painters have also been in the house (again).  They have had to paint the walls many times because of all the drywall repair our contractor has insisted on. 

Today, they finished the great green wall.  This wall has had a number of coats of paint for a number of reasons.  I was not quite sure I wanted a great green wall so we originally asked the painters to paint it with a diluted version of the green our interior designer had picked called Lapland.  The Lapland green looked pretty green to us so we had them lighten it 50% with white.  The resulting color was just too washed out so we asked them to repaint it with 100% Lapland.  As we stood in front of the wall discussing this choice, we realized that not only was the color too light, but in fact, it was the wrong color entirely!  The painter was not convinced at first, but after a side by side comparison of whatever the color was that was on the wall and the actual Lapland color, he conceded.  The paint supplier had mixed the wrong color.......  Now we had to decide if we wanted to have the painters repaint the wall with 50% true Lapland to see how that looked or just have them paint with 100% and be done.  I chose the later and just had them paint it with 100% Lapland - the interior designer has not done us wrong yet....

So the wall has now been repainted and it is more green but it is not too green.

Art, another finish carpenter, has installed the last of the kitchen cabinets, the cabinets that will go above our 7 foot tall refrigerator and freezer.  Now that they are in, he can put up the "wood" sides that will frame the refrigerator/freezer units.  Here Art measures to make sure the panels fit....

It is good that they are nearing completion with the kitchen cabinets because our appliances have arrived.  We have quite a few appliances.  For now, they are being stored in the living room

and dining room....

The electric is on!!!!!  Now we can light up the kitchen....

We don't think all the light switches are wired yet though because some of them seem to not do anything.  We also have to get more light fittings, like the pendant lights over the raised bar top and the chandelier for the dining room.  But having the electric on is another big step toward getting occupancy in the house.  We already have water, gas, phone, and cable!