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Closer to drywall.

The fiberglasss insulation has been installed in all of the exterior walls of the upper two floors.

There is fiberglass in the exterior walls of the fishroom (but not the interior wall between the fishroom and the kitchen)

This is actually a good thing because we want this interior wall to be insulated with the spray foam to help to insulate the sound of water (and other things) flowing through the pipes from the master bathroom.

The exterior walls around the guest bathroom and hallway have also been insulated

and in the master bedroom

and in the study

In the master bathroom and closet, the fiberglass insulation is in the exterior walls but stops when the wall becomes an interior wall, that is when the walls become the wall that separates the garage from these two rooms.  So I guess this is considered an interior wall so is not insulated.  I think this is very odd.

Then it becomes even more odd when the fiberglass insulation is installed in the kitchen wall that backs into the garage.

Although I am not complaining that there is insulation in this wall, and technically, I guess this wall separates the kitchen from the mechanical room so it may be considered an exterior wall.  I don't know and really it doesn't really matter because we have now asked the contractor to put insulation in all the walls, exterior and interior alike, so I guess I am really just nitpicking.....

While I am being very picky about the fiberglass insulation, the contractor is continuing to thoroughly seal the house with foam in all the door frames

As the house is so thoroughly sealed, we have to install ERVs, or Energy Recovery Ventilators, to bring fresh air into our tightly sealed house.  The ERV unit has been installed in the upstairs.

With all this insulation, the temperature in the house is much more consistent; not necessarily always warmer, but at least consistent....