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No more redderings

No more redderings

We are getting closer and closer to being ready to install the amazing sweeping staircase!   Today, the plywood has been nailed to the exterior wall of the rotunda which allows us to get the full effect of the west side of the house.

or a partial effect depending on how much I zoom the camera...

From the inside of the house, the plywood wall defines the living room space and creates a huge contrast to the windows to the right.

Looking down from the hallway just outside the master bedroom, we see the view we will have everyday as we walk out of the bedroom (although it won't be of plywood and 2X6's.....I hope).  The steel sticking out about half way up the photograph on the left is the attachment point for the amazing sweeping staircase so the view will only get better and better!

The view below is looking down from the second floor landing to the stairs which sweep down from the living room to the hobby and media room area.  This view will eventually be obscured by the amazing sweeping staircase so take a good look because (crossed fingers) it may not be available much longer!


While the framers worked diligently to nail on plywood, Sparky has been around to replace some of our paper plates with actual electrical fittings. The fittings for the media room now have supports (I know the photograph is a little out of focus - it was late, I was tired, and had no flash!)

In the kitchen, we have some fittings for the down lights


Finally, just a quick return to some framing to note that the windows are getting more definite framing in preparation for waterproofing and then......window installation!!!!  We are very excited to get windows installed or at least to be ready for window installation because that means we are 50% complete (or we are 50% complete according to one of the representatives at Chase).  Once we are 50% complete, we can have some more of the insurance money that Chase is so kindly holding for us.  Thanks for that Chase.