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The windows continue to be installed.

To add some architectural dimension to our otherwise boring house (HEEHEE), Stefee had put in some glass block windows, but for various reasons, these windows evolved into an art glass and the first of these windows have been installed today.

This window will be above the front door

When the house is complete, the piece of plywood below the window in the photograph will be gone and that area will be open to the first floor. 

We also have art glass windows in the lower part of the circular staircase (the one below the amazing sweeping staircase).  (There is still black plastic hanging on the exterior of the house so the sun is not shining in....yet)

On the exterior, the scaffolding has been removed from the deck in preparation of waterproofing so we can see the living room windows without any obstruction.

Just as a reminder, when the windows are finally in, this will be the view through them.