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Audio cabling

As many of you already know, there were essentially three design criteria by which our new house was created.  The first, of course, is the amazing sweeping staircase.  The second is the two story windows in the livingroom which look out onto the park behind our house.  And the third is the media room.  Because our house sits on a hillside (thus the massive caisson foundation you saw earlier) and because new fire code dictates that we cannot have the exposed underbelly of our house like we had before, we decided to enclose the lower portion of the house and make two extra rooms down there.  One of those rooms is to be the media room. 

Peter had/has great plans for the media room.  Unfortunately, due to some confusion and then some necessary cost cutting, the audio/visual cabling was not included in the bid to build our house.  Nevermind, Peter and I can do that, right?  How hard can it be?  Boy, that was the wrong attitude.

This weekend we started to wire for audio/visual and, lest we forget, networking.  We have the media room to cable in audio and visual which we were able to complete yesterday.  Here you can see the junction where all the speaker and video cabling is brought into the area which will become the audio/visual access panel.

At the bottom right, you can also see the networking cable that was brought in to the media room.

Lots of cable right?  And it wasn't that hard, right?  Well, if that was all we had to do, I would be ecstatic!  However, we still have the networking to bring to all the rooms of the house, the speakers to bring to all rooms of the house and the decks, telephone and television to run to some of the rooms..........  This is definitely turning out to be a more than one weekend project and we all know how I love home projects.  If you don't, let me just tell you - I strongly dislike house projects and was actually very happy when the house burned down and we found out we were going to get enough insurance money to rebuild because that meant I get to have a new house that would not need any repairs and thus no house projects!