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The Down-Down stairs

Last Saturday, our faithful framer returned to the scene and singlehandedly (well, with some help) put in the spiral stairs that run from the main floor to the basement hobby/media room area.  I had warned you all that there would be more pictures of these stairs before you would even get a wiff of the amazing sweeping stairs that will run upstairs, and here they are.

A view of the spiral stairs from the hobby room:

And from the backside of the stairs (I was actually standing outside of the house to take this shot):

And from the top of the stairs looking down.  The top two stair risers had to cut into the living room floor area to create enough head room for Peter on the lower two stairs.  He should have been shorter......

And looking down from above onto the lower section of the stairs:


I want you all to feel like you are here and are a part of the process of rebuilding our house.  To that end, I have a taken a series of photographs as I walked up the stairs so you can feel like you are walking along with us. 

Walking toward the stairs from the hobby room...

Very near the first riser

On the second riser

On the fifth riser

And reaching the top....

Some clever readers may notice that the light is different in this last shot, and the blue autobot is actually now missing.  Well, I forgot to take this shot origianlly so I had to return at another time to get it.