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Installing cabinets

Some of the cabinets have migrated from the garage into the living room and foyer in anticipation of installation in the kitchen

and some of the cabinets have migrated up to the study

where installation has begun!

The cabinet finish is cherry wood with a natural finish.  I tried several times to get a good photograph of it and this is the one that shows the finish the best.  (still it is not quite right)

The clawfoot bathtub has also migrated up to the master bedroom.  This obviously will not be its final home, but now we can see the whole tub in all its glory!

A view from the end of the tub

and from the side

I am excited about having a bathtub that can actually hold more than three inches of water!

Speaking of three inches of water....  The pan waterproofing has been completed in the master bathroom and the entire room was filled with water - I assume to test the integrity of the pan.  The very end of the hose used to fill the bathroom floor pan with water is barely visible over Jose's right shoulder.

The waterproofing at the corner of the curb for the shower where we saw the guys doing work yesterday has lots of pieces and lots of waterproofing sealant...

Most of the remainder of the pan is done in two pieces and turns up the walls at the edge of the floor to create the pan which now hold about an inch of water

Another potentially wet area is the laundry room so that is getting the second layer of waterproofing started, the mudding