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More stucco, more finishing...

The brown coat of stucco is now completed.  The guys finished the north exterior wall; all around the living room windows

around the exterior of the monolith wall between the living room and dining room

and around the master bedroom patio.

We also have the brown coat finished on the east wall of the house (shown in this overview photograph)

and on the west side

A little bit closer and you can see the west wall is still very wet.

Another view shows that the rotunda is also browned!

Inside the house, the drywall guys are having great fun trying to get all the surface area of the drywall glazed.  I don't think they realized exactly how much wall area there is in this house!  I know I didn't.

All along the underneath of the upstairs catwalk is finished.

The token photograph of the amazing sweeping staircase rotunda.......with glazing now.

The finish carpenter is installing all the finishing touches to all the door and window frames as well.  As an example, here are some photographs of the patio door and sidelights in the master bedroom.  The wood that is stained is the portion that was installed with the doors and windows themselves.  The unstained wood pieces are the finish pieces that have been added by the finish carpenter.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the architectural design of this house had a number of details that I did not realize were in there - like all of the door frames.  I mean look at the last photograph; we effectively have four different framing elements for this one door.  Don't get me wrong, I like it.  I just never realized how complicated door and window framing could be!  Lucky me to have a good architect.  And to have a good finish carpenter.  And when it is all said and done, we will have an amazing house!

One last artistic photograph today of the sun shining in our newly framed front door!