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Tile shopping today!

It is very good that there are not too many more choices for Peter and I to make.  We spent about two hours at the tile store today and we were able to successfully chose the tile for the master bathroom.  Until they told us that the tile we chose for the walls does not come in a bullnose..... 

So we may be back to square one, but next time I go to the tile store, I will have to go by myself.  I only got Peter to come with me today because the other options I gave him were worse than going to the tile store, or so Peter thought before we went to the tile store.  In the end, he was trying to slit his wrist with a piece of moulding.  Fortunately, the moulding is not sharp enough to use for that job.  

After today's visit to the tile store, I realized that hiring an interior designer was a very intellegent choice after all!  Yes, we went down to Ethan Allen at the end of January to pick out a couch for the living room and ended up with an interior designer. It was definitely a trade up!  Joanna Hallmark, our Ethan Allen interior designer, led us through the home decorating process painlessly.  Well, not quite completely painlessly; she wants us to paint one of the living room walls green.  Granted it is a nice shade of green, but it is still green.  The idea is, since we have a beautiful view of the park that has lots of green and have the NanaWall that opens up onto that view, the green wall "brings the outside in".  I am not a big fan of green, but I am trying to get more comfortable out of my comfort zone.  Other than the green wall, Joanna has taken us out of our comfort zone a bit, but in a very good way.  And after our experience at the tile store today, I am super happy to be outside my comfort zone with the rest of the interior design!

Now all I have to do is figure out the rest of the tile......