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I have, mistakenly, been writing about 'plastering' of the drywall.  I should have been using the term 'mudding".  In the end, all the interior walls will be coated in plaster, but as of now, everything has been mudded.

Most of the house is done in stripes now.  The major monolith wall has vertical and horizontal stripes of mud/plaster.

As do the dining room and kitchen walls

In the media room, as in the kitchen, there are vertical and horizontal stripes of varying thicknesses

Not only do we have stripes on the wall, we also have some polka dots.  There are a few in the media room shown above, but many more in the alcove formed from the inner radius of the staircase from the lower floor to the living room.

and in the bottom of the rotunda at the base of the stairs

As we saw before, every corner/edge has a metal outside corner support.  The corners are all then "mudded" to fill in the depressions and bring the edge flush with the rest of the wall.  The mudding of most of the corners in the upstairs has been done; like the corners of the study door and the edge along the rotunda,

and the doors to the master bedroom and the hall closet.

The entire rotunda is covered in mud/plaster now and it looks great!

Now on to mudding the rest of the walls and finishing the wall of windows.....