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Bright shiny floors!!!!

The contractors are now in the midst of installing the heated floor panels.  The panels are finished in the media room and reading room (previously known as the hobby room).  

A view of the media room floor....

The reading room floor viewed from the door of the media room....

The reading room floor including the area at the base of the stairs.....

The heated floor panels have been placed on all the floor surfaces included the small alcove created by the inner radius of the stairway.  Here, we see how the different panels are fitted together to create a continuous path for the water pipe (at least they are here).

Another view of the reading room floor.  The heated floor panels make the floor look like a sheet of ice (with a few defects...).

On the main floor, the heated floor panels have also been installed in the living room.  A view of the floor from the stairs as I came up from downstairs..

Again, the heated floor will cover almost all the surface area of the floor as shown here.  They are trying to fit square pieces in a round hole though so it won't actually cover every inch of the floor!

Another view of the living room floor...

Here we can see that some of the grooves align, but others do not. So right now, there is not a true contiuous path for the water pipes.   The contractors will have to use a router to create the continuity because our floor space is not perfectly square.

They have quite a lot of work to do in the media room to create continuity.....  The pipe will be installed next week, so we will see then how the path is created.

Back upstairs again, the floor is new and shiny.....

There are three guys working on putting in the heated floor.  The first guy is there to wash the plywood floor and apply the glue (background with the mop).  The second guy actually cuts and places the panels (foreground).  The third guy designs the placement of each panel and screws the glued panels to the floor (right).  The last guy in the photograph (on the ladder) is actually redoing all the glazing of the drywall.  Peter found some variation in the finish of the drywall so our contractor is having the drywall contractor redo all the glazing....

While the glazing is being refinished, the drywall contractor has also repaired the drywall in the guest room where the leaking occurred.

In the guest bathroom, the mudding is complete and all the tools have been romoved so there is a clean view to the guest shower.