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Some steps forward and some steps backwards

On the forward side, there is more progress in the kitchen.  The pot filler is now secured to the counter top and the induction stove top (or hob) has been placed in its hole ready for installation.

The upper cabinets that are supposed to have glass fronts now have the glass fronts

Finally for the kitchen, the appliances are being unpacked in preparation for installation.  First, the steam oven

and the conventional oven.

Still to come on the appliance list is the speed oven, the warming drawer, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the freezer, the wine cooler, and the two refrigerated drawers.  Yes, that is a total of three ovens and a warming drawer and five different refrigerator units.  Overkill???  After all, I don't cook and Peter doesn't drink wine.

In the guest room, the closet now has a very nice built-in unit that was hand made by one of our previous finish carpenters

and we have some spotlights installed in the guest room as well.

The garage floor is being prepared for the concrete pour that will happen on Thursday.  The garage has been cleared out, the floor cleaned and then covered with waterproofing

So there is some progress forward.  Unfortunately, there were a few steps backward as well.  One of the setbacks is minor or appears minor due to the quick fix by the contractor, but one setback is much bigger.....

The minor setback has to do with some more drywall patching..  As we stood in the media room over the weekend with the newly installed sconces lighting up wall, we noticed that the drywall tape was perfectly visible in a horzontal strip all the way around the room.  I showed this to our contractor yesterday and told him we didn't expect him to fix it, but this was exactly what we were told would not happen even if we did use drywall instead of thinwall.  He was not happy and insisted that it had to be redone to cover the tape lines.   He works fast to fix the drywall as you can see now there is new mud around the entire media room (notice the white horizontal strip across the whole wall).

The second step backwards can not be repaired quite as quickly.  Stated another way, the amazing sweeping staircase has taken yet another victim....

The finish carpenter who has spent the last weeks (and some weekends) of his life putting the staircase together and setting the glass railings arrived early this morning.  As he was surveying his work with the glass, he noticed that the bottom piece of glass looked like it was out of plumb; it had shifted slightly in the groove.  So he thought he would try to adjust it back to its perfect position.  Unfortunately, as he was doing that, the glass cracked.....

He was very upset.  By the time I arrived, he had recovered but only barely.   I have not seen him quite so upset about anything before.  The broken glass means a time setback while we wait for a replacement piece, but it will get replaced.  Honestly, it did not hit me nearly as hard as it hit the finish carpenter or our manager!   For our manager, it means he has to spend more time working with the stair manufacturer!