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I have more details on the roofing system

The roofers have moved onto the west side of the roof, the part above the study.

As the guys double check the measurements for the next panels, the panels rest on the top of the rotunda awaiting installation

I had started explaining some details of the roofing system previously, but now I have a photograph that shows multiple pieces!  The photograph below demonstrates many elements of our roofing system.  First, across the middle and to the right of the photograph, the second layer of SharkSkin is visible (distinguishible by the vertical green lines).  This layer of SharkSkin spans the joint between the metal which covers the roof valley and the SharkSkin that was applied to the roof earlier (distinguishible by the horizontal green lines).  At the bottom of the photograph is a metal bracket (silver) which runs across the edges of the roof valleys.  These brackets are used to secure the bottom end of each panel.  Each panel has a short return at the end of the panel and this return is used to lock the panel onto this metal bracket.  Finally, the brackets which attach to one rib of each panel and hold each panel to the roof are also visible.

In the last blog, I showed a schematic of the standing seam, but wasn't sure if that was the final configuration.  As the photograph below shows, that view is essentially what the standing seam looks like.  At the bottom of the panels, the rib locking system is visible.  Also, the end of the panel which is folded over and locked onto the metal bracket at the roof valley is also visible.

The final configuration of the standing seam includes periodic crimped sections where the standing seam is effectively crimped against the top of the seam.  The crimped sections can easily be seen in the (artistic) photograph below.

As some of the guys work to place more panels, others work to seal up the vents on the parts of the roof that have already been paneled.  More silicone sealant...

Some of the vents have caps that are manufactured by SC Sheet Metal to match exactly.

Since each part of the building process, the foundation, the framing, the electrical, the plumbing, etc, has given each respective subcontractor a challenge, we wanted to also challenge the roofing contractor by incorporating a round piece to the roof - the rotunda that will contain the amazing sweeping staircase.  SC Sheet Metal has risen to the challenge and have started to install the roof inside the rotunda.


They still have the exterior surface of the rotunda to complete and then it is on to their next challenge - the garage roof!