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The fiberglass insulation installation continues

The fiberglass insulation has now been put in the monolith wall which actually makes it look smaller

in the rotunda of the amazing sweeping staircase

in the rotunda at the hobby room

and in the media room

We thought that the insulation in the downstairs rooms would make those rooms feel a lot warmer (physically, not emotionally), but we were wrong!  It is still freezing down there!  Maybe the floor and drywall will make the difference!?!?!?!  If not, at least we can turn on the heated floor!

Outside, the roofers continue.  The extruder is back to make the panels for the garage roof so I can complete my blog from days ago.  As I described before, the panels actually arrive as a roll of flat metal, and now I have a photograph

The flat metal sheets are then sent through the extruder and formed into the desired shape

I don't have another photograph of the finished product though because they were not running the extruder while I was there, but you can see them on the January 17th entry.  Today, they were making the panels for the garage roof which is now almost finished

except for the ridge covers.  For the garage, the ridges are finished differently.  The panels of the garage roof are simply u-shaped because the single seam ridge cannot flex over the arc of the garage roof.  So instead, the panels are u-shaped and are screwed to the roof with a bracket that has a flared edge on the inside of the ridge as shown below

This flare is then used as a clip to snap the ridge covers in place. 

The rest of the roof is almost complete as well

Including the infamous rotunda

At the lowest point of the rotunda, there is a gap so the water can easily escape...otherwise, we would end up with a pool on our roof

We also now have our finish carpenter, Hamish Smith, a Kiwi, inside the house putting in all the door frames.  The door frames have to be set before the drywall can go in. Hamish does very nice work as can be seen in this detail.

We anxiously await the drywall - but we don't want to hurry Hamish.  But HURRY UP HAMISH!!!!