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They say the third time is the charm.....

I received a voice mail message from the owner of the company that is building our house this morning informing me that, yesterday, the second project manager of our house build has left the company. Our original project manager left the company in May leaving us to bring a new project manager up to speed on the house and to try to remember all the things that the original project manager had agreed to do. Fortunately, I write a lot of stuff down and I have been on site almost everyday of the ...
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Today, we had an appointment with the City inspector.

Today, we had an appointment with the City inspector to get temporary occupancy. The inspector that has been assigned to our house for the entire building process is on vacation this week, so we have a different inspector coming. This new inspector has not seen the house yet so I am nervous that she will have some different ideas of what we need to do to get occupancy. To make a long story short, we did not get temporary occupancy today. However, there are only a few minor things that nee...
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Race to the finish

This week is a race to the finish. We are trying to get temporary occupancy from the city before the end of the month.
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