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Out of money...

Well it has finally happened. The day we have been dredding since the start of construction. We have officially run out of money. There is still 50% of the insurance settlement to be paid out, but until it is, we are broke. I therefore thought that i would take this opportunity to post some artists conceptions of what the finished house will look like.

The first is a view of the house from the street, looking to the North, and shows the front elevation. This image comes from Daphne the local architect.


Another image from Daphane is a view of the house looking to the South East from the bottom of the hill. This image nicely shows the "wall of windows" that form the North wall of the living room and is what our neighbours, the Dinnings, will see. The Dinnings also lost their house in the Tea fire and are in the process of rebuilding. They were also former owners of our house that was destroyed in the same fire. Small World eh...


The final image for today is an image that took me many hours to render from the architectural CAD files. The image is a view from the island in the kitchen looking back towards the living room and very effectively shows off Nelle's awesome stairs.