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The roof

Last we checked, we were seeing a lot of preparation work for putting up roof trusses.  Now we have roof trusses up over the study and laundry rooms.

The view from the front of the house shows the roof trusses sticking out over the top of the wall.

From inside the study, we can look up through the row of trusses.

Our framing guys hard at work putting up the trusses for the roof over the study.

From the west side of the house, the 'V' shaped roof has taken shape over the study (on the second floor) and guest bed and bath (on the first floor).

As the framing crew work to put a roof back over our heads, the general contractor is still making the sub-contractors multitask.  Well, at least the project manager has gotten many different subs in simultaneously; the subs are not really multitasking per se.

While the framers frame the roof, we have a painter in to start painting the facia of the house - so technically, we have framers and painters working

But that is not all, the plumber, lovingly nicknamed "Leaky", has also arrived on site and is starting to plumb in the waste lines.  Here is the waste hole for the guest bathroom.  It is always good to know there is a "shit pipe" as Peter calls it!

Leaky's assistant putting in waste lines in the kitchen,

and some of Leaky's handiwork, also in the kitchen.

Lots of progress!  It's what we like to see!