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Chapter 1

The amazing sweeping staircase (in pieces) arrived at 7 o'clock this morning in this truck

Once the truck has been parked, the driver comes to the back to open the back of the truck

and unveil its precious contents.....

TA DA - the stairs and all its supporting pieces

A closer view gives a better idea of how the stairs were actually shipped.  The stairs are in two pieces; the big curved piece on the right side of the truck and the piece with the blue blanket drapped over it.  The other crates contain pieces of the glass railings....

The first piece to be removed from the truck was a crate of glass railings

This piece only took six guys to pull it off the truck onto the liftgate and then roll it off the liftgate to the ground.

The same six guys then picked up the crate, with the assistance of some straps, and carried it into the garage.  Note the two guys on the left who are standing upright.  The one with the Allen Associates shirt on is Gabe and he apparently was not able to help lift because he could not understand the plan.  Seriously, the guys lifting were all discussing how to move the crate in Spanish when out of the blue we heard Gabe yell "I need a translation to English!"  The guy in the grey shirt is Sean and unfortunately, just as they were going to lift the crate, he had to tie his shoe so he wasn't able to help carry.....

The second crate full of glass railings has seven guys carrying - including Gabe; they must have given instructions in English!

Piece by piece, all the parts of the railings and the banisters and the connectors were carried off the truck and piled in the garage.  Sean got in there and helped carry many of these pieces as we can see here.....

Now that all the "little pieces" are offloaded and stored in the garage, it is time to bring out the amazing sweeping stairs!