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More concrete...

More concrete...

We had 7 concrete mixers worth of concrete poured into the house today.  This concrete created the slab floor of the media/hobby room (which of course includes the sweeping stairs), the mechanical room floor, the front entry stairs, and the exterior stairs which run down to the mechanical room.

Here the guys pour concrete into the stair foundation.  You can see that the heirarchy of concrete pouring has been slightly altered today by combining #3 and #4 into one guy




 adding one guy on a shovel

and two men with 2X4s.

There was a drastic deviation from the original heirarchy when they introduced the guy with the smoothing tool on the end of a telescoping rod.  He will have to be placed in the heirarcy just above the troweler as it looks very impressive.

The trowel and the ever important troweler (backside shown here) were still part of the production

The expansive rebar cages installed in the media/hobby room area were completely enveloped in concrete today.

Once all the rebar was hidden, we were presented with the finished product.....

 the area that is the foundation for our sweeping staircase....

And the floor for the media/hobby room area. 

Note how the afternoon sunlight glints off our new shiny floors.  I am getting vaclempt (No, I don't know the spelling on that)

The mechanical room slab is just as beautiful in the afternoon glow.

 In the tradition of Allen Associates, or maybe just Jeff Bocchetti, multiple tasks were being performed on site today.  While one team worked on creating the gorgeous slabs, another team was installing the ever important waterproofing and drainage to the exterior of the house.

Beautiful and shiny is good,

but beautiful, shiny, and dry is better.