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No leaking, No sliding

Our original house had a lot of problems with leaking.  It leaked so horribly, in fact, that we were surprised when it burned down because we thought it would be too wet to burn!  It is a problem that we will not have again.  To this end, we made certain that the contractor we chose to rebuild our house was painfully aware that the new house is not allowed to leak.  We have absolutely no holes in the roof; no vents, no exhausts, nothing goes through the roof.  Further, we do not want water soaking through the bottom of the house.  To prevent the water from coming up from below, the contractor has begun to install the waterproofing membranes along the stem walls. 

And around the stair way

This is only the beginning.  We expect to see a lot more of this black waterproofing membrane as we go forward.

In addition to waterproofing the walls, the contractor is placing drainage under the house to wick the water away!


Another load of structural steel has arrived as well.  These pieces are considerably smaller than the last set though so they only need a little crane to lift it off the truck.

The structural steel columns that were placed last week now have some rebar tied in to them just in case they weren't strong enough on their own.

Actually, the rebar is for the stem wall which will encase part of the steel column as well.