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We have interior doors

We have beautiful new interior doors!  All the interior doors are alder and they have a wonderful weight to them. They are not finished yet, they need staining, but they are almost all hanging from their respective door jambs.

Here is the door between the pantry and the kitchen

Even the closet doors are alder.  Here are the ones in the guest bedroom.

We are hoping we can still get the doors to open when we put the bed in this room......Whoops, we may not have made the guest room quite big enough.....

Anyway, here are the closet doors and bedroom door for the guest room

Upstairs, the master bathroom door and the hall closet doors are up

And we also have Art upstairs, putting in the cut out for the strike plate on the laundry room door

Downstairs, the doors to the media room are installed and they look goooooood!

It is a good thing we finalized our tile picks as of Monday because the tile guy has been turned loose on our house.  We have the first waterproofing membrane laid in the master bathroom.

The shower area in the master bathroom

and the area where the toilet will be housed...

and the area where the vanities, sinks, and bathtub will be

The same area close up so you can see that indeed the membrane does wrap up the wall

But that is not all the tile guys have been up to.  They have also laid the waterproof membrane in the guest bathroom shower

and have filled the shower with about four inches of water to test for leaks.

So far it looks like it is not leaking......

Although the interior painting has begun and they have completed the primer and have painted all the ceilings, the drywall finishers have returned to fix up some spots.  Peter went up to the house with his LED flashlight and inspected all the drywall finish by shining the light on the walls and ceilings at a glancing angle.  This exposed a number of areas where the screw heads were still visible.  So Jeff got the drywall finishers back on the scene to reglaze the entire ceiling of the media and reading room, some of the rotunda and a few other key areas.  So we are back to drywall....  Here is the new layer of glazing (applied over the primer paint) on the rotunda

Progress is happening and our drywall finish will be flawless.