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Valentine's Day

The drywalling started in the upstairs and the garage.  Now they have moved to the lower levels...

A tour through the house now shows that the drywall in the hobby room is almost complete.  The ceiling and the wall next to the stairs are completely covered.

The wall that backs into the crawl space (where the water tanks are housed) now has foam insulation installed and awaits drywall.

Hamish's special piece below the stairs is now drywalled

as is the bottom of the rotunda which will house the amazing staircase (just had to get that in...).  We have an alcove within the inner radius of the stairs which I am sure was very fun for our drywalling friend to put in.  The man shown here actually did it by himself.

A trip up the stairway now gives the feeling of a castle tower stairway.   We do have lights in here (the wires are exposed and can be seen between the windows) so it won't always be this dark...

Looking down the stairs to the hobby/media room floor from the livingroom.

On the main floor, the kitchen ceiling is being covered with drywall.  Up here, we have two guys at work...

and the diningroom ceiling is also being covered.

Walking out of the kitchen toward the garage, we come to the fish room.  For now, the fish tank is getting walled in until we can actually afford to put in the fishes!

The hallway and stairs up to the garage looks very narrow with the drywall up.  It does feel as narrow as it looks in the photograph.

The garage is completely drywalled,

and the networking cables look more dramatic against the white drywall.

One more dramatic shot, of the lower stiarcase from upstairs....