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New bits and pieces are being done.

First, the plumbing for the island sink has been routed through the floor in preparation for the island install.

Second, the windows for the amazing sweeping staircase have been framed in.  We still do not have a delivery date for the amazing sweeping staircase, but we are getting closer.  Now the windows are cut in and once the drywall is in, we will be ready for the stairs!!

A view of the stair windows from downstairs,

and from the master bedroom door upstairs.

Another thing that is happening in the house is the mold prevention.  Jeff was going to spray the whole house with bleach before putting in the insulation as a mold remediation measure.  Well, being the mold paranoid couple we are (due to our bad experience with the water damage and mold we had in the old house), Peter and I asked Jeff to step it up a bit and spray the whole house with copper napthanate.  This is some knarly stuff that not only will kill any mold that is now present but will continue to prevent against mold in the future.  Interestingly, it is the same chemical I used to use in the horses feet to kill thrush!  The mixture is called "Copper Green" and the name fits.  Now our walls are all green.

It's not easy being green!!!  Thanks Jeff for going the extra mile on this one!