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Erection Day 2

Yesterday, we were thrilled to have four of the main vertical structural steel I-beams erected.  Unfortunately, I could not be there to see it (the photos from yesterday's blog were from Peter), and I missed seeing the big crane move the steel.  Fortunately, two of the beams were installed in the wrong positions so today they had to swap them, and I could be there so I did get to see the gigantic crane in action!

To give an idea of the size of these structural steel beams, here is a picture of them standing in position with one of the contractors standing next to them.  He is about 6 ft tall.

The big crane is back on site

And is ready to move some steel.  If the crane extends fully, I cannot fit the whole crane in my field of view.

In order to swap the two beams, first they have to take out one beam.  Using a steel cable, the crane picks up the beam and lays it to the side.


Once the first beam is out of the way, the team sets the ladder against the second beam,

Russ climbs up to attach the steel cable and the crane brings over the hook.

Russ connects the steel cable to the crane hook and climbs back down the ladder before the crane lifts the beam.

and moves the second beam to its proper position.

Once the second beam is placed, the first beam can be brought back to its rightful place

At the end of the day, the steel is re-erected!