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The stair manufacturer is sending a representative

In preparation for the installation of the amazing sweeping staircase, the contractor has had to build a platform over the staircase that connects the main floor with the lower floor to suppor the amazing sweeping staircase during the installation process (and I can imagine it is going to be quite a process!).  The platform is already in, following the shape of the lower section of stairs

This may be one of the last entries that has an unobstructed view of the wall of the rotunda (fingers crossed)

We cannot wait to see how the stairs are installed, nevermind actually seeing the stairs in our house!


On a different, but equally important, note (because all this needs to be completed before we can move in.....), the tiling in the bathrooms has continued.  The guest bathroom shower walls are almost complete

and the tiling of the master bathroom wall around the bathtub and most of the shower wall is complete


The copper manifolds for the radiant flooring were welded in the garage and then connected to the radiant floor heating pipes at the sites shown yesterday to reveal the final configuration of these manifolds.

Jeff tells us that in the next two weeks, the house will be charged for electric and gas, then we can test the radiant flooring and then install the final floor!