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Take 2

On the 7th, we had the caisson holes drilled out and the steel forms delivered.  Yesterday, the steel was dropped into the holes.

I looked down one of the holes, but about ten feet down, all I can see is blackness.  I can see where Wilt got the idea to bury a dead body in a caisson hole - it is from a fictional book if there is any government agency reading this, I have no intention of following that story line.

If the caisson extends above the grade, there is a cardboard form (in blue) that is placed around the steel cage to create the proper dimension.

With the holes drilled, the steel installed, and the necessary forms in place, it is time to pour concrete.  Our first of many, many, many concrete trucks has arrived.

And our devoted concrete man starts to fill the holes with concrete.

There is a hierarchy to pouring concrete.  Well, at least we made one up.  The man holding the hose is the number one man.  He can either keep the hose, or when his attentions are required at the truck, he can hand off the hose to the number two man.  The number three and number four men are the men who hold the vibrator and the vibrator power supply, respectively.  The concrete is poured into the hole by Number 1 (who also has a remote control trigger for the concrete pump) while Number 2 (not shown here) holds the hose further upstream and then Number 3 inserts the vibrator into the concrete to remove any air from the concrete and force the concrete to settle completely in the hole while Number 4 holds the power supply.  But really, the most important person present is the one in the blue shirt.  He is the inspector.  Without his approval, we are not doing any concrete pouring!

And the finished product for today is a caisson complete with steel tie-ins peeking out above the concrete.