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Today's progress

The amazing sweeping staircase continues to create heart ache for all who have to be involved with it.  The finish carpenter has successfully completed the install for the facia on the right hand side of the stair balcony.  He had to fiddle with this piece, like all the others, to get it to work, but it looks great now!

The part that caused the most problems was this join which had to be cut at an odd angle and very precisely.  As you can see below though, the finish carpenter did a fabulous job.

We thought we might be nearing the end of the facia install, however, it ends up that the stair manufacturer did not send enough linear feet of the straight facia to complete the other side of the cat walk.  Further, they completely forgot to send the piece which will frame the outer radius of the lower stairs.  So all in all, our experience with Arcways has been less than satisfactory.  The staircase is beautiful, but it has caused us so much in time, it will be a while before we can enjoy it without thinking about all the screw ups.

The painter is also in the house putting the first coat of color in the master bedroom.  This color was chosen by the interior decorator so we can't take any credit but it looks great!

Downstairs, the door for the guest bathroom shower has been installed.  This door is fit so perfectly that we can hardly slide a piece of paper between the door and the pony wall.

If we didn't have to muck about with the stairs so much, the house would be progressing more rapidly, but much of the remaining finishes can only be completed after the stairs......